About Elite Chefs 


Art has a lot of definitions, but cooking is one of the most creative arts.

We at Elite Chefs believe that cooking is one of the most creative arts, and that the next generation has great skill and potential just waiting for an outlet. 


Elite Chefs is a space that adds more joy to the ingredients and provides support and an organized framework for the cooking process starting from organizing until serving the dish. We believe that cooking with passion nourishes the soul and the body at the same time, and cooking with love is art.


We provide a perfect platform for everyone to express their culinary creativity: an inspiring place for professional work, and a cozy social environment for those who love to cook or simply want to have a new experience. We aim for Elite Chefs to be a dynamic point in our clients’ cooking journeys and that we can learn together how to cook in joyful, creative, and new ways. 


Elite Chefs is the first co-cooking space in the region, where all tools are provided for our clients who wish to come and prepare a meal together. It is a space to spend a lovely day with friends, an inspiring place for hobbies, and a motivating environment for startups. 


If you have a passion for cooking we provide culinary classes from our local and international culinary experts. We share their experiences like art, served with love and taught with passion. Our message is to provide for our clients a social place in the cooking community that could add more passion and skills and make more experiences for those to all culinary proficiencies. 

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